Terms and Conditions

Orders will be accepted on our two-part order form only. Please DO NOT send us your internal
documents. If you need extra order forms, they can be accessed on our website.

Orders are processed more quickly when you have filled out all the information requested. Leaving blank fields will delay the processing of your order, resulting in longer wait times.

You will need to approve your ORDER CONFIRMATION before we can continue. Please review it
CAREFULLY to ensure that there has been no misinterpretation on our end or on yours. You will
need to approve the order confirmation before we can place your order into our production
schedule and guarantee a ship date.

PLEASE BE AWARE… Your order confirmation becomes the work order on our end,
and we will produce what is in the order confirmation for you.

Please understand that all costume companies fit differently.
Do use the Jazzamatazz sizing guide to ensure a Jazzamatazz fit.
We offer 20 sizes in all our costumes to ensure a great fit.

A few tips for a great fit…
LYCRA Bodysuits will generally accommodate a few extra inches and should not be sized up.
PLUS SIZES are designed for dancers who have round proportions, not long girths.
TALL designations are available for dancers who need extra length in the girth and/or leg length
and are available for a $10. Upcharge for each costume in our Performance Collection only.
Use a separate line and indicate how many inches you need to add to the girth and/or limbs.

Your Performance Collection Costumes are made specifically for you.
They are, therefore, not eligible for return or exchange,
except in the rare event of manufacturer’s defect.

We will accommodate exchanges within the Express Collection and Spotlight Collection where
available, when requested in a timely manner.
Costumes must not be worn or altered in any way.

We DO NOT accept returns of extra or unclaimed costumes once they have been shipped.

Balances are due prior to shipping or pick up.

We charge a flat fee for shipping.
We charge 3% of your order (or a $30 minimum) in Ontario.
We charge 4% of your order (or a $35. Minimum) outside of Ontario.
Please allow 5-10 days for the transport of your order, depending on distance and conditions.
Orders shipping to a PO Box can only ship Canada Post
There is no ship charge for studios who choose to pick up from our facility.
Production times vary throughout the year, according to production volume. We do not offer rush
services, but we do offer early order discounts on our Performance Collection costumes.
If you have any questions at all, please reach out to a team member.
We are always happy to help.