What is the difference between The Performance Collection 2020 and The Express Collection?


Performance Collection 2020 costumes are all made when ordered… beautiful costumes for either competition or show, not to mention a hip hop line that is always on point! We are able to switch up fabrics and small details to give you a custom look without the heavy custom price tag.


The Express Collection is premade from special purchase fabrics that allow us to offer great costumes at an exceptional value. Quantities are only limited by fabrics available. Costumes are mostly in stock and are ready to pick up or ship. We heard you when you said you wanted more and the Express Collection is bigger than ever!
Jazzamatazz has been helping Canadian dancers shine for over a quarter century! Thank you for your recommendations – we take those very seriously!
On behalf of the Jazzamatazz team, we are thankful for the privilege of partnering with you to bring your vision to life.

Tammy Nancoo
Creative Director

We Are Canadian!


It means that we create and craft every single Jazzamatazz costume in Canada, specifically in our facility in Mississauga, Ontario. No offshore production for us… we are manufacturers, not importers or middlemen. Providing outstanding Canadian made costumes for our Canadian dancers is what we do.


No exchange rates — Canadian costumes are priced in Canadian dollars.

No duties, no tariffs — Always zero when you buy Canadian and your costumes will never be stuck at the border.

No brokerage fees — You know those hefty brokerage bills that often arrive after you’ve billed your costumes out? Never again…they don’t exist when you buy Canadian!


Quality Control — Every garment is made right here by our team of skilled professionals to ensure the costumes we produce meet the high standards you have come to expect from a Jazzamatazz costume.
Customer Service — We are here for you and you have told us that our customer service is beyond compare.

Community Benefit — We create good jobs in our community, which is good for the local economy we all rely on.